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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rosas Statement Bag with ShopVIDA

Hi, everyone!

To continue with the virtual art launch of
Creo by Lady Katutz Art Series V: Roses,

I'm showing off the 3rd release from the series of
Roses Fashion Accessories are
the Rosas Fashion Accessories
at my ShopVIDA / ShopVIDA.com / VIDA E-Commerce
under my Kathleen Hernandez product line.

The 3rd of these Roses fashion accessories launch are
my Rosas fashion Accessories are
the Rosas Statement Bags
(from Rosas 1 to Rosas 8)
with description as follows from the VIDA E-Commerce:

"The VIDA Statement Bag, featuring bold, vivid prints, complete with genuine cow-hide leather straps, leather base, and trims, is the most coveted VIDA accessory of the year. Accessorize with this bag for a statement look that turns heads and sparks conversations - around town or across the world."

The items are shown below:

 Rosas 1 - Statement Bag

 Rosas 2 - Statement Bag

 Rosas 3 - Statement Bag

Rosas 4 - Statement Bag

Rosas 5 - Statement Bag

Rosas 6 - Statement Bag

Rosas 7 - Statement Bag

Rosas 8 - Statement Bag

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